frozen section

The Pain

Traditional intra-operative pathological diagnosis based on the H&E stain frozen section method has tedious and manual procedures including freezing, sectioning (thin slicing), H&E chemical staining, and requiring both on-site experienced technician and the pathologist. Freezing artifacts caused by fat and crystal ice lead to broken section and consequently false negatives. In US, 20~40% of the breast cancer patients underwent surgery were called back to hospital for the second surgery due to false negatives of the sentinel lymph nodes and lumpectomy margin results.

Our Solution

AcuSolutions’ Optical Section device acquires pathological images by scanning the fresh tissue samples directly and automatically, without traditional sample sectioning, H&E staining procedures. Therefore the frozen artifacts are avoided, and the accuracy is improved. The automation operation of the device refrain from the constraint of on-site man power needed. The acquired images are intrinsically digital. The pathologist can read the images remotely through the network and broaden the diagnosis service area.

Sentinel Lymph Node


  • Direct scanning a piece fresh tissue sample
  • True pathological grade images, presenting the details of cell nucleus as well as the tissue structures
  • Color imaging similar to traditional H&E staining
  • Optical Section based on full field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT)
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